"Chepaitis is a national treasure who has yet to be recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, because a category encompassing the gonzo, musically omniverous brilliance, and beatific, introspective sensitivity of the man has yet to be invented." -Kitty Montgomery

Benjamin K. Gish MM

Stanley alone

Stanley Chepaitis has an amazing mix of technical genius, love for the art of creating music, and compassion for his students and colleagues!

His teaching is solution driven, the results are fantastic!!

He is driven to revive the old tradition of artist and composer (a tradition threatened with extinction). His compositions and improvisations are breaking new ground. They are exciting, refreshing, and delightful!! His compositions are making a significant contribution to the new string literature available with numerous solo, chamber, and orchestral compositions.

Benjamin K. Gish MM
Orchestra Director, Walla Walla Valley Academy
Artist Faculty Cellist, Walla Walla College
Assistant Principal Cellist, Walla Walla Symphony
Director of the Walla Walla Suzuki Institute