"Chepaitis is a national treasure who has yet to be recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, because a category encompassing the gonzo, musically omniverous brilliance, and beatific, introspective sensitivity of the man has yet to be invented." -Kitty Montgomery

Workshops: Details

Who are the workshops for?

I have given workshops for student groups at all ages and levels past beginner. I have also presented workshops for teachers to learn the techniques of presenting improv to their students. It is also possible, and can be lots of fun, to have intergenerational groups. The younger students learn by listening to and watching the older students and teachers. Tunes can be structured so each group has a playable part which contributes to the whole sound.

It is also possible to have more advanced groups in which complex harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic concepts can be worked on. These should be separate from sessions for newer improvisers.

How are the workshops structured?

This is dependent on geographical limitations as well as resources. It is most effective to have three or four days of sessions to allow for depth of learning. These could be a couple of weekly meetings followed by two days in a row (if proximity allows) or several consecutive days if I am coming from a greater distance. There should be a culminating experience (concert) where the students get to show off what they have learned and perhaps hear some professional level playing as well. All of this could be arranged in ways that work for your group and your community. 

How much do the workshops cost ?

Costs vary greatly with geographical distance and the agreed structure of the workshops. I will generally charge $500 for the first day and $300 for each additional day plus travel. If support musicians are needed for a concert, they can usually be engaged locally. Please call or write to discuss particulars. In discussion we can often find ways to lower costs and still create a valuable and memorable event for you and your students.